WEAKEND (Produced by Rioretti)


WEAKEND By Tree Thomas

Weakend” is an infectiously catchy new single by Oakland artist Tree Thomas. The Rioretti produced track is punctuated by razor sharp hi-hats and hypnotic synthesizers that weave their way through the almost three minute long track which plays on the words “weekend” and “weaken.”

Tree Thomas, who dropped an EP in May, wrote “WEAKEND” last summer after returning from “an amazing trip to Maui” where he “picked up the amazing summertime vibe.” The Oakland MC also has a pretty interesting story. A six-foot-eight college basketball player who moved to Malta, a small island nation off the coast of Italy, to play for its national team. Tree did this after graduating from Portland State University. He balled for two years before moving back to the states to pursue a career in music, which he launched in 2013 with Peach Street, a mixtape he recorded all while overseas.

My favorite quotes from the song is the entire chorus:
“Let’s party like the weekend, ya.
No CAN’T’s baby we can, ya.
Fuck the devil, NEVER WEAKEND, ya.
Check my eyes when I’m speaking, ya.”
I also love the play on words I chose with the title, fusing “Never Weaken” and “Weekend”.
Weekend is telling us to take advantage of today, and dismiss ANY negativity that comes our way… Including the devil and the many tricks up his sleeve.


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