NO PAIN(Feat. Koran Streets) By Tree Thomas


No Pain

Tree Thomas and Koran Streets both have painful past, but it made them everything they are today. In “No Pain”, Oakland and Berkeley come together for one of the best street anthem of 2017. Tree’s smooth melodic hook and Koran’s honest, catchy, street dialogue meshes perfectly in the banger produced by F1rst Class. In the visual, directed by Tree Thomas, Koran prepares is squad for a heist and Tree gets a unexpected surprise while working late.

Koran Streets

Koran’s latest album was featured in ROLLINGSTONE not too long ago and here’s what they had to say:

28. Koran Streets, ‘You.Know.I.Got.It (The Album)’

Even among hip-hop heads, Oakland’s Koran Streets remains obscure. His hometown knows him as an actor, having appeared in the small, critically respected cult films Licks and Kicks. From his modest metrics, he hasn’t connected with much of an online audience either. Yet You.Know.I.Got.It (The Album) – his debut after a string of similarly named mixtapes – is one of 2016’s most consistent, affecting releases, an argument for vibrant hip-hop at the commercial and critical margins. The source of the album’s power is Koran Streets’ disarmingly direct style, one with no wasted motion. He’s seldom one for wordplay or showy poetic devices; the most memorable image on the album comes from guest rapper K.I. (“Countin’ money, 40 on me while I’m on the shitter”). Yet there’s a sincere desperation throughout that gives it both a human spark and a targeted, specific realism. D.D.

Words From Tree

“When we got in the studio I wanted to make sure the song and hook painted a honest pitcher of both of us. After kicking it a few times before actually recording anything, I realized what we both had in common, and it was pain… but most importantly was how we used that pain as motivation.” -Tree Thomas


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