CLOSER By Tree Thomas


CLOSER By Tree Thomas


After graduating from Portland State University in 2012, the six-foot-eight emcee moved to Malta, a small island nation off the coast of Italy, to play basketball for its national team. For two years he balled professionally, before moving back stateside to get CLOSER to his true love, music.

Thomas is also a proud and vocal weed smoker, as evidenced by his new single, premiered today, “Closer” (Lips on Tree).

Over a bassy melody laced with vocal chops that was produced by Bank Roll Got It, Thomas asks a woman he’s interested in if she, too, is a stoner. In fact, the question — “Girl, do you smoke?” — is so important to the rapper, that he makes it a point to ask if she lights up before he even asks her name.

Being able to enjoy marijuana with a partner is something Thomas says he “take[s] extremely serious when interested in someone.”- SFWeekly

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 In conclusion, “CLOSER is about something I take serious when interested in someone. If we can’t smoke together or she can’t at least roll a smokable backwood, the chances of us getting CLOSER or becoming anything more than friends is slim.”
“Put yo lips on Tree, aint talkin my private…
Put yo lips on Tree and I’ll keep it quiet” -Tree Thomas


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