Change Yo Mind with DJ J12

Change Yo Mind

Tree Thomas and one of the hottest young DJ’s in the Bay Area, Young California‘s DJ J12, get us ready for the summer with “Change Your Mind”. When DJ J12 isn’t touring the states with one of the hottest street rappers in the Bay Area, Philthy Rich, he’s making next level summer-pop vibrations with Tree. In Change Your Mind, Tree watches on as bleeding heart struggles with her relationship. With his eyes on more than her faltering situation, Tree serenades us as he searches for ways to get her to change her mind and her mate.

“Do you ever wonder what your girlfriend hears when you’re out away from her? There’s usually someone in her ear whispering sweet nothings to her, letting her know that he’s a better lover than you. It’s brutal, but that’s just the nature of the game. Tree Thomas is that nightmare guy in “Change Your Mind,” a sultry outing dedicated to extramarital lust. The subject matter may be something deemed as questionable but it’s a fire track, sounding different than the typical slog of R & B music that covers the topic.” –4SHO Magazine

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“Ive been putting out a lot of slow emotional records as of late, so when 12 played this beat for me I new it would be perfect switch up the vibes.” -Tree Thomas


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