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    Change Your Mind with DJ J12

    Change Your Mind Tree Thomas and one of the hottest young DJ’s in the Bay Area, Young California’s DJ J12, get us ready for the summer with “Change Your Mind”. When DJ J12 isn’t touring the states with one of the hottest street rappers in the Bay Area, Philthy Rich, he’s making next level summer-pop vibrations with Tree. In Change Your

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    Never Leave By Tree Thomas

    NEVER LEAVE   In the whisper of the leaves appears an interchange of love, but love knows not its own dept until the hours of seperation. In an effort to stay connected, Tree Thomas is back with a new single “Never Leave”. Produced by and featuring his running mate DJ Buddy Epps, Tree serenades his lover and persuades her to

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    NEED TREE (Official Video)

    NEED TREE Taking on the Tyrese’s 1998 hit, “Sweet Lady,” Tree delivers a sensual love ballad that finds him singing and rapping to a sweet and special someone. In the visual, Tree wanders amongst the trees and serenades his future lover. Highlighted by Tree’s flip on the already amazing chorus and clever word play, “NEED TREE” is another strong addition in his steady-growing catalogue

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    TREE IS LOVE Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. They fall down and we turn them into paper that we may record our emptiness. In TREE IS LOVE, Tree Thomas serenades us with love songs all produced by Trippy Sanders. Trippy remixes some of our favorite R&B classics and Tree does what he does best, rapping,

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    FACXX Featuring YMTK

    FACXX Life without love is like tree without blossoms or fruits. Tree Thomas gets us ready for his upcoming EP TREE IS LOVE with the first single FACXX featuring Bay Area native YMTK. FACXX is a fun up beat chune produced by Trippy Sanders and one of the hottest DJ’s in the Bay Area, DAGHE+DIGITAL. In FACXX, Tree serenades suitors