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  • Tree Thomas Teams Up with Grammy Nominated Duo

    Tree Thomas Teams Up with Grammy Nominated Duo   Tree Thomas, is a memorable and interesting recording artist with dynamic R&B inspired melodies and dope lyrics. He constantly promotes a positive outlook on life and lives in the studio. Coming off the ride of working with 2017...

  • CAN’T By Tree Thomas

    Tree Thomas CAN’T (Official Video) Oakland native Tree Thomas escapes from Bay Area with his companion OXG Chef and vents in his new visual to CAN’T from his Say My Name mixtape. Watch as Tree Thomas gives his own renditon of Jagged Edge‘s “He Can’t” to Bryson...

  • LEAVE By Tree Thomas
    LEAVE By Tree Thomas

    LEAVE We have all heard the phrase “Love hurts”, but not many have experienced when it can kill. Tree Thomas opens up and tells his love story in “Leave” produced by June Highsmith. Tree Thomas’ new track, “Leave,” is the result of making an unforgivable mistake and consequently losing...

  • LESSONS By Tree Thomas
    LESSONS By Tree Thomas

    Lessons By Tree Thomas Tree Thomas has had an impressive few years. Giving us multiple singles, videos and collaborations. Despite putting out a lot of great material these few years, going back, relaying vocals and re-mixing his 2015 single LESSONS this year was definitely one of his highlights....